A beauty brand that inspires confidence in everyday life. The Fairest One has finally unveiled its very own cosmetic line.

A Queen should never have to sacrifice quality for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every product we design. Simple, elegant cosmetics that are affordable and luxurious. Treat yourself to one of our many timeless makeup products that will make you not only look like The Fairest One but will spoil you like the Queen you are.


Meet the Founders

Founders of The Fairest One Cosmetics Mariam (left) & Jennifer (right)

Founders of The Fairest One Cosmetics
Mariam (left) & Jennifer (right)

Our story starts many moons ago circa 2008. When we first met each other, Jennifer and I were at the peak of our banking careers. We both had a passion for hair and makeup, and once we realized how much more we had in common, an incredible friendship was forged. 

We both did freelance jobs here and there, but we never considered it a full-time gig. Jennifer would ask me all the time to take a leap of faith and launch our company, but I was terrified. I had accepted the life of a banker, and I was scared of failing. So I continued giving financial advice while Jennifer continued to follow her dreams. She quit her job and signed up for cosmetology school. Fast forward to several months later; she was graduating at top of her class, and I was still stuck in my rut.  She was making her dream a reality! She had her days when she felt defeated, but she got through them and continued to succeed. She did it all! I was so inspired by her that I took the leap of faith to launch our company with her. I haven't looked back since.

Literally just days after I said to her, "Let's do this!" we got called on-set to our very first fashion show. We needed a name and Jennifer and Mariam Beauty was not going to cut it. We wanted magic, we wanted whimsical, we wanted a brand that represented the Queen's running the world!

We decided to go back to the roots of our childhood fairy tales. Who was the epitome of beauty? Who ignited our imaginations of magic and whimsical? Who represented the first real queen of all the land? Snow White. And just like Snow White awakening after true love's first kiss, The Fairest One awakened as our fairy tale brand. 

The fashion show was a huge success and opened up many doors for us to help build our brand into Houston's household hair and makeup team. However, our hard work deserved more and our brand had so much more to give, so how could we be better?

One day, I was complaining to Jennifer how I wished we could just design our own products. It always seemed like I was saying this product would be so much better if it was just a little creamier, or that this product would be so much better if it had just a little more highlight to it. So, one day, Jennifer came up with the brightest idea, let's just make our own! 

We have been working with our wonderful chemist, Terri, for three years now to make remarkable cosmetics for you all to enjoy. They are created by European standard, which means they are of the highest quality and they are cruelty free.  Many of our products are also vegan (with the exception of some pencils and lipsticks that contain beeswax)!

We hope you enjoy our products, and trust me when I say a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and elbow grease went into making this gigantic dream a reality. We are so happy to have you become a part of this chapter of our fairy tale!